Monday, 5 September 2011


For a while now I have been completely infatuated by the idea of visiting Sweden. My mother is adamant that the abundance of 'lovely blond men' explains my enthusiasm for the place but I like to think that I'm a little less superficial than that.

I may be waiting a few years to fulfil my Swedish fantasy, so in the meantime I am having to make do with treats from Sweden that have reached our shores.

Here are just a few of my favourite Swedish exports:

1. Monki

I first discovered H&M's quirky sister Monki about a year ago and have since been yearning for a store in the UK or at least somewhere to buy online. This week my prayers were answered and Monki is now stocked at Selfridges in London. Hurrah! Must get myself down to London pronto (as if I need an excuse).

2. Stockholm Street Style (blog)

A bit of fellow blog promotion now. For me it's the perfect street style blog- a focus on the style of people on the streets of Stockholm (obviously) and travelling frequently to cover fashion weeks around the world. Models, editors and regular folk are all showcased on the blog but it's the modern, laid-back look that ties all of the subjects together and demonstrates its true Swedish roots. 

3. Robyn

Dancing On My Own. Be Mine. Indestructible. Cry When You Get Older. 
Do I really need to say much more? This electro pop genius can make me dance or cry just from pressing play. And from the Dancing On My Own video it's safe to say that she's an Alexander Wang fan too. A girl after my own heart. 

4. Ikea

Not long ago, I declared that the Ikea catalogue was my favourite book. Yes this may have been a slight exaggeration but there is something about that weighty book that gets me going. I can sit for hours flicking through the pages fantasising about my future home.
You think that's sad? Imagine me in the actual store. Whilst the catalogue may not actually be my favourite book, visiting the store is definitely in my Top 5 Days Out. I can spend literally hours in the marketplace. And do not get me started on the restaurant! Meatballs, Daim cake and that yummy red lingonberry juice they have on's what dreams are made of. Tasty Swedish dreams. 

5. Acne

Hands down one of my favourite clothing designers. Their brand of urban minimal chic is both distinctive and understated, and unmistakably Swedish. If I had to only ever wear one brand of clothing for the rest of my life, this would be it. There's not much else I can say really, except that it is simplistic perfection. 


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